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Soccer scholarships in the United States

Combine your academic studies and high-level training

Why apply for an athletics scholarship in the United States?

It is the dream of any young soccer player to combine his or her training and studies at university.

Given that the American higher education system is specially-designed for that purpose, being awarded a scholarship for an American university is definitely turning that dream into reality.

Soccer scholarship requirements

Academic requirements

  • Baccalaureate (or equivalent in the country of origin)
  • Required TOEFL score
  • Required SAT score

*Depending on the university you apply to, the required score in these exams varies.

Sports requirements

  • Be a high-performance athlete
  • Compete at amateur level

*Athletes who have already signed with a club or professional league are not eligible.

How can we help you?

SAT and TOEFL test preparation

These are essential requirements to qualify for a scholarship. For this reason, we offer preparation classes and tutoring to ensure success in these tests.

The right university for you

Considering that there are hundreds of universities with these types of programs, it is vital to choose those with the best scholarships. We help you choose your college and guide you through the paperwork.

Free evaluation

Reserved only for the best. Scholarships that cover your tuition fees are a reality in these programs. Study for free in the United States and achieve your dream of playing at professional level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a soccer scholarship in the United States?

To qualify for a soccer scholarship, you must have a strong academic record and compete at a high level.

Given that the selection process is standardized and there are hundreds of applicants, it is important to get professional advice to achieve the best results.

Who can be awarded scholarships?

As mentioned earlier, amateur players have a good chance of winning a scholarship, not only professionals.

Elite athletes who stand out among the rest stand the best chance of receiving a top scholarship which can cover both academic and athletic costs.

University divisions and number of scholarships awarded each year:

Division No. of  universities Maximum number of scholarships per team
Women Men
NCAA I 331 14 9,9
NCAA II 257 9.9 9
NAIA 204 12 12
NJCAA 236 18 18


Why study in the United States?

In recent years, soccer has seen a huge surge in popularity.

The country is now a powerhouse for women’s professional soccer and the sport is very popular with young people aged 15 and under. Moreover, for the Latino families that make up a significant part of the population in some states, soccer is almost a religion.

In addition, the professional men’s league (or MLS) has seen many new developments in recent years. The signing of big-name coaches and players such as Kaká, Zlatan Ibrahimović and David Villa has given the sport a huge boost.

There have also been a number of advances in training techniques, discipline, and physical / mental conditioning, partly due to the influence of professionals from Europe and South America.

For these reasons, training in the United States is a great option for novice players to develop their skills and potential.

What is the women’s soccer scene like in the United States?

Women soccer players also have opportunities. Unlike Spain, where conditions for women soccer players are not the same as those for men, both sexes have the same opportunities in the United States. So, if a university is offering 50 scholarships for male players, it must offer the same number for female players.

The law, better known as Title IX, in effect since 1972, establishes that women’s sports at universities must have the same opportunities, facilities, equipment and funding as men’s sports. Therefore, if a university offers 50 for men, it must have the same number available for women.

More than 1,600 campuses open their doors to international students and all of them belong to different soccer organizations. The NCAA, which has three divisions, is the most well-known. Despite the fact that the most prestigious universities are in Division 1, many Division II campuses are second to none and, in some cases, better.

Like any other candidate, girls who want to apply for a scholarship must meet the same requirements:

  • Compete at a high level. The better the performance on the pitch, the better the chances of qualifying for an athletic scholarship.
  • Amateur players only. Even if they play at professional level, the applicant must not have contracts of any kind with professional soccer clubs or teams.
  • Academic excellence. Not only must the applicant have completed high school, but also must have grades no lower than 8.5 (Spanish Bachillerato grading system).
  • Pass the required entrance exams (SAT and TOEFL).

At DecoaSports, we are committed to guiding and supporting young athletes whose goal is to train, compete and study in the United States. We guarantee the best university choices according to the individual aspirations and abilities of our applicants.

Scholarships for soccer players in the United States

The best option for young athletes who have their sights set on a professional career.

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